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Tracing Data Footprints Helps Law Enforcement Nab Fugitives on the Run

November 15, 2013 by Gary Stockton

Tracing Data Footprints Helps Law Enforcement Nab Fugitives

Data from Experian is widely used in many compliant applications by our financial services clients throughout the customer life cycle to manage risk and improve profits.

Regrettably, some of their accounts inevitably will fail to meet their credit obligations and fall into collections. It’s then that companies will employ tools to help process and evaluate Experian’s comprehensive household and business databases in order to maximize their collection efforts. The process of locating hard-to-find debtors is aided by the application of powerful skip tracing tools.

But as one Experian client, Intellaegis of El Dorado Hills, California, recently demonstrated, another effective use of data is to help local law enforcement agencies locate criminals on the run so they can be captured and brought to justice.

Case in point: Finding itself out of leads in pursuit of a fugitive involved in a hit-and-run who skipped town, the El Dorado County District Attorney’s office hired Intellaegis to use its masterQueue® technology to sniff out the fugitive’s digital data footprints as she fled from California to Florida to Tennessee and finally to Michigan.

The company describes its Web-based risk management/collection workflow Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as a tool that elevates the value of public records to quickly locate, track and recover lost assets.

While law enforcement was unable to locate her in a three-year-long quest, the company found her in just five minutes and informed the authorities, leading to her arrest in Michigan. She’s now serving time in Eldorado county jail and the district attorney is pursuing other fugitives on their most wanted list.

On a more macro level, in order to catch criminals and terrorists, major intelligence and law enforcement organizations in the U.S. and abroad are turning to sophisticated data analysis tools to help them discover patterns and parallels that traditional search methods may overlook.

For more information about Experian’s advanced business-to-business products and services, please visit www.experian.com/b2b.

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