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3 Tips to Increase Business Response Rates - Sip and Solve

January 06, 2020 by Dan Meder

If you are challenged to optimize your marketing campaigns for better response in 2020 you should attend my January 16th Sip and Solve webinar — "3 tips to increase response rates when marketing to businesses."

Finding new prospects and customers in the market for business credit has never been more difficult. Even with hyper personalized and targeted campaigns, marketing response rates can still be stagnant. Join me on January 16th for a 15-minute Sip and Solve webinar. 

During this webinar you will learn how to: 

  • Get the right message to the right prospect using data beyond traditional marketing firmographics
  • Use analytics to optimize marketing spend
  • Prioritize your outreach by identifying who is likely in the market to buy

I hope to see you in the audience.

Watch the recording of this Sip and Solve session


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