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Prospecting Checklist: Finding the Right Customers

March 07, 2018 by Linda Tan

For marketers, finding reliable and valuable commercial customers can be like diving for pearls – the treasure can be elusive if you’re not looking in the right spot. For instance, how do you consistently find customers who pay on time, every time? Or what about those who will increasingly up their spend? Well, here’s the trick: the more data you have, the more equipped you’ll be at targeting and finding these customers. To help you navigate through the complexity, we’ve compiled a handy checklist of useful data points to help target your prospecting efforts.

Prospecting Checklist

Download a copy of the checklist, share it with your colleagues, save it to your desktop. As obvious as some of these might sound, a surprising amount of marketers neglect to consider many of these data points when putting together their campaigns and prospecting lists. By no means is this an exhaustive list of every single data point you’ll ever need, but the more boxes you have checked off here, the more complete picture you’ll have, and the better equipped you’ll be at finding the right business customers to grow your portfolio.

Whether it’s having the most accurate and up-to-date data to filter for the right companies to target (filtering via firmographics, credit attributes, or legal history), or having the right information to present appropriate cross-sell/upsell offers to existing customers, equipping yourself with more data will undoubtedly ensure that your marketing dollars are well spent.

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