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Integrating social media into your business

May 06, 2011 by Gary Stockton

Social media. You hear it all over the place. What is it, and are you taking advantage of it for your business?

The nature of social media is to share. It is a place where conversations take place. It is a place where a community is built. It is a place where people try to influence others. These activities are what marketers try to create, and it’s all happening within social media.

So which tools and sites are the most popular for businesses? I’d say YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are all sites where you can easily create a presence. With the influx of information available online, creating these social channels will help your business stand out among the rest. The advantages of using social media is to increase exposure (of your business and brand), traffic (a source for leads/customers), and search rankings (ultimately lowering marketing costs). So no matter what you do with your business in 2011, integrate these cost effective (if not free) methods of social media into your marketing plan.



PS. With all of the social sites out there, make sure your online reputation is accurate by monitoring your business credit score. Sorry, I couldn’t resist plugging our product!

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