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Learnings from NACM

May 26, 2011 by marykathryn.jarcy

I am back home and have a moment to reflect back on NACM Credit Congress 2011. Everyone was engaged – ready to learn and ready to share. I experienced this first hand when I co-presented with Jessica Ford during a presentation focused on credit and fraud trends and ways credit professionals can help improve the bottom line. For all of you that attended, thank you for making it such an interactive session.

Now I ask myself . . . What I do with the knowledge I gained? As a product manager I’m looking for ways to bring better services to the market, ways to better articulate the value of a services Experian can bring to help credit professional positively impact the bottom line. I can’t do everything. Here’s a few questions I’m using to get started. I suspect you are asking similar questions.

  • What are the immediate and long term needs?
  • How do initiatives with other departments/products align?
  • What’s the area of greatest need?
  • What initiative will see the biggest return first?
  • What initiative can I implement first?

Conferences are a great place to learn, it’s how we integrate what we learn that matters most.

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