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QR codes, are you using them to grow your business?

June 30, 2011 by Gary Stockton

Have you seen them? They look like a square graphical maze that you see at restaurants, on print marketing materials, at retail stores, and I’ve even heard they’re being used for headstones! So what are they?

Well, they’re really barcodes that contain information you want to share. Whether you choose to direct people to your twitter page, menu, marketing promotional page, contact info, lead generation form, etc., QR codes are another avenue for your products and services to be marketed and seen by consumers.

Simply, the codes brings your customers to your online marketplace. How do you get started? Do a search on Google for ‘QR code generator’ and you’ll find a multiple sites and software available for you create your own code. Once you’ve created your code, put it everywhere where you do offline marketing (such as business cards, envelopes, all print ads, and even email campaigns).

Check out the one we co-created with Rieva Lesonsky just for our free eBook on understanding commercial credit. Put your phone up to the screen with a QR decoder, capture the image, and see how we're using our QR code!

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