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Fraud and identity theft can affect your business too.

July 19, 2011 by Mary Ann Strout

We’re all aware of the increasingly bold moves fraudsters take to steal personal identities to secure jobs, cars, homes and more—but what about business-to-business fraud? As a small business owner, how much thought do you give to fraud protection for your business?

You have a lot to fear and even more to lose if you become a victim of commercial fraud. Approximately 30 percent of all business credit losses are attributed to some type of misleading or fraudulent information. Ultimately, financial damages from these and other business scams far overshadow losses from consumer fraud. View Experian’s white paper on Identifying Small Business Fraud to get more information about types of common fraud.

On average, losses are 3 to 10 times higher than personal identity theft damages. So, it’s time you become aware of business credit fraud. To learn more about protecting your business, and what to do if it falls victim to fraud, click here.

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