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New credit report may free up some time to enjoy summer!

July 28, 2011 by marykathryn.jarcy

As the summer heats up many of us are looking to take a break to enjoy our favorite summer activities. While this break is well deserved (and essential for maintaining our sanity) it’s important to remember that the discipline around our credit decisions can’t take a break. New applications still come in the door, products must be shipped and services must be performed

This summer I am spending much of my “office time” working on a new credit report. It’s my hope this report will help drive more informed decisions while freeing up your time to enjoy a well deserved summer break. For years I’ve heard . . .

  • Do you have a fraud check right on the credit report?
  • Do you have a credit limit recommendation on your credit report?
  • How did the credit score look six months ago?
  • What’s the NAICS code for this business?

Well, I’m happy to report we’ve listened! The BusinessIQ Premier Profile answers all of those questions in one spot. The report provides information needed to assess credit risk as well as the information to perform background checks. Take a look and let me know what you think. Will this report help you make more informed business decisions? Did we free some time up for you to hit the beach or enjoy another fun summer activity?

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