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Explaining Experian's Corporate Hierarchy Linkage - Part 2

August 01, 2011 by Al Duckworth

In my previous post, I talked about how the technology environment enables our Corporate Linkage solution, and promised to describe how the “linkage recipe” works – so here we go.

Let’s start with what is eligible for linkage and why. Since our customers are looking for data that helps them assess risk and accountability for the obligations of the business, Experian links entities that have legal and financial responsibility as is the industry accepted norm.

We have set up relationships with select sources that provide subsidiary/parent and headquarter/branch relationships on the publicly-held and the largest privately-held companies in the U.S., including multi-national companies with offshore locations. These sources give us superior coverage on the most visible and dynamic businesses.

Also, our vast data warehouse and corresponding rules engine allows us to perform automated data mining against a wide array of public record data (like Corporate Registrations and Fictitious Business Name filings) and other credit data. These processes highlight linkage relationships, generally on small and mid-sized businesses that would otherwise be too obscure to identify manually. We take this data mining one step further by using strict business rules to identify candidates that expand the linkage on the largest corporate families.

The final component of our linkage process is a dedicated linkage maintenance team, based in Costa Mesa, CA, equipped with powerful maintenance tools designed specifically for corporate linkage. This team monitors and updates the top corporate families, monitors Merger and Acquisition (M&A) activity and makes real-time linkage updates as changes occur. These processes ensure we have the freshest most accurate view of a corporate family.

This team utilizes an assortment of news feeds within our Corporate Linkage M&A Monitoring and Update Program. Within this program, hundreds of triggers are received each day from best-in-class news aggregators and other sources. Each feed is reviewed for relevance by the Experian team. Once the research of an event is complete, the team updates our database using powerful data maintenance tools to reflect the new organizational structure. The updated corporate linkage structure is available to our clients in real time via our suite of online products. This ability to provide real-time updates to corporate linkage is unparalleled in the industry. The team takes pride in the fact that over the last 90 days, 100 percent of M&A updates were completed the same day the trigger was received.

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