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Tired of all the Bad News?

September 09, 2011 by Dan Meder

I’m tired of all the bad news. Seriously. Every day it seems like it’s something different. We get a brief ray of sunshine, and we feel good for a few minutes, then its right back to feeling bad again. Like today… for those of us who are in the Northeast (New Jersey specifically), the constant rain that is causing all kinds of severe problems.

Do you recall the good old days? Seemed like everyone was employed, everyone was making money, the market was going gangbusters. Remember? They tell us we won’t see that again for quite some time. I think it’s been labeled “the new normal”…or something like that.

Anyway, back to looking for bright spots. I think I may have found one that provides a little glimmer of hope. It’s that overall risk score performance of U.S. businesses is getting better! That is, at least when you compare average risk in Q1 2011 with Q2 2011.

Our latest quarterly business benchmark report shows that the average risk score was 57.4. That represents a 5.1% improvement over Q1! For Q1, the average risk score was 54.6. Granted, the Q2 average score is down 1.4% over Q2 2010, but it looks like we are “headed higher.” Progress!

So, on a day when it’s raining (as it has almost non-stop for the last 3 ½ days), I’m going with this as my “silver lining,” and look forward to seeing more.

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