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Hidden business owner liabilities add to your “waste line” rather than your bottom line

September 19, 2011 by Greg Carmean

Some good friends of mine are on a new “low carb” diet and have been getting really impressive results. Now I find myself constantly checking food to make sure I don’t get too many of the dreaded “net carbs.” Too many, and my waistline will suffer.

Similarly, not knowing what’s in the background of a business owner you’re considering doing business with can add to your “waste line.” Whether it’s undisclosed liabilities, or associations with businesses or individuals that have resulted in losses in the past, not having insights into these risks can set you up to be victimized over and over again. Fortunately, new tools are now available that provide insights into the current and previous business affiliations of business owners and principals. Armed with a more global view of the owner’s fraud and credit risk, you can improve your bottom line while reducing your “waste line.”

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