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Corporate Linkage – it’s never finished

October 31, 2011 by marykathryn.jarcy

In the world of Corporate Linkage I often hear, “linkage is never finished”. What do I mean by this statement? Change is constant in today’s business environment. Some businesses are starting up while others are closing their doors. Businesses are acquired and businesses merge. That is why at Experian we constantly monitor for changes in Corporate Hierarchies that may impact your business.

Do you do business with Microsoft or Skype? If you do, you may be interested to know Microsoft announced on October 13th their acquisition of Skype was complete. At Experian we started monitoring for this event back in May when Microsoft announced their intention to acquire Skype. We didn’t make changes to our database upon an announcement. We waited until the regulators and shareholders approved the acquisition and for the legal ownership change to occur. This change in ownership is our trigger to update the database and make this information available to you – real time!

The ability to actively monitor for business changes and make real-time database updates is just one of the unique advantages of Experian’s Corporate Linkage offering. How do we do this? Well there’s definitely a bit of magic that comes from our technology, but there’s a human touch as well. Sitting just a few desks over from where I sit is our team of talented Linkage Analysts; the human touch to Experian's linkage offering. If you have not checked out Experian’s Corporate Linkage recently, you can learn more here.

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