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Commercial Credit Consortium Data Offers Huge Upside for B2B Businesses

June 13, 2014 by Gary Stockton

The Small Business Credit Share℠ program is a consortium of companies that share expanded payment performance data on products like lines of credit, credit cards, loans, leases and first creditors for emerging businesses like utilities and telecom. It is very much a “give-to-get” program which enables members to provide more comprehensive data about the performance of the accounts in their portfolios. In exchange for expanded contribution, members get exclusive access to enriched information that is deeper in content than what is available to standard Experian clients, or through competitive credit share programs. Members benefit from the more comprehensive reports, scores, attributes, and reporting that is available.

New Trade Contributors 2010 - 2013

The Small Business Credit Share is open to all credit granting institutions, including financial institutions, companies that issue trade credit, telcos, utilities and others. The tradeline performance reporting from this broad swath of B2B companies helps drive the effectiveness of the products that are available to members. The Small Business Credit Share has firm qualification standards to insure consistent information and regular reporting guidelines are followed, to help protect the interests of all members.

1.8 Million Tradelines Added Since 2012


In the past 2+ years, there has been good growth in the member base of the Small Business Credit Share. While attracting new members from a variety of industries, there also continues to be growing interest from financial institutions who presently report to other data consortia about becoming Small Business Credit Share members. Experian is working with them to highlight the advantages of reporting to multiple reporting agencies. In addition to increasing the likelihood that their interests will be protected if their customer’s obligations are more widely reported, they also give themselves more flexibility to manage the expense side of their operations. And when (not ‘if’) regulatory bodies shift their focus to the small business arena, some lenders are envisioning that broader reporting could become the rule. For example, the SBA is requiring that all SBA-backed loans be reported to commercial bureaus; whether that means to all commercial bureaus or to simply at least one is unclear. But the SBA’s rationale is clear: they want credit histories established for these companies so that SBA-backing should not be needed in the future.

Product Developments and Score Enhancements

There are some exciting new products in development for Small Business Credit Share participants. The first of these is the upcoming release of an additional set of attributes which have been developed based on consumer experience and which will add considerable insight for credit risk managers. To assess their information value, these attributes were overlaid into a proof-of-concept score. The resultant model showed a 22% lift in KS (Kolmogorov–Smirnov) and a 29% increase the percent of ‘bads’ pushed into the bottom 10% of the score range. There is also an ongoing development effort to replace the current Small Business Credit Share acquisition score. The new score will clearly benefit from the availability of the new attributes, but will also benefit from being developed on a population booked over a 2-year span from a much more recent time period (Nov 2010 to Oct 2012). The new score will be a blended model, with a ‘commercial-only’ option for clients that do not want to consider any consumer data within the score. The model will also use bureau-leveled consumer attributes, which will allow the model to work not only with Experian consumer data, but with consumer data from Equifax and Trans Union as well.

Sample Report Small Business Credit Share Sample Report Small Business Credit Share

View a sample report here.

Watch our Vision Conference Presentation on the Small Business Credit Share

Dave Cashman from Experian's Global Consulting Practice gave a talk recently about progress in the Small Business Credit Share program, and various enhancements. View the video by clicking the button below.

Watch our Vision Conference Video

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