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Q2 Small Business Risk Scores Illustrate East/West Divide

September 09, 2014 by Gary Stockton

Q2 Small Business Risk Score Ranking


Experian has released an update to the Business Information Map for Q2 2014. The map offers a state and metro level view of small business credit conditions throughout the United States.

Looking at Business Risk Scores at a state level, we can see the lower right side of the country from Arkansas to North Carolina on down to Florida colored in a deep orange indicating heightened risk in the small business sector.

Diving into the metro statistical level, we can see three Florida cities in the bottom five, Miami, Florida has the lowest small business risk scores on average with a 54.9, almost 11 points below the national verage of 61.43. Neighboring Fort Lauderdale is a 52.58 and Orlando further north is a 54.3.

Switching to an industry view, looking at Construction we can see four areas where small business risk scores are much lower national average, Miami with a 44.42, Fort Lauderdale 46.01, Orlando with 48.25 and Fort Meyers 48.31. Switching to Real Estate we can see Miami and Fort Lauderdale at basically the same risk score as Construction. Sarasota meanwhile enjoys relatively healthier risk scores close to the national average.

Switching to a year over year view we can see some good trends taking place in the center of the country for small business where Tulsa and Oklahoma City are enjoying good risk scores. In Q2 Oklahoma had top 5 risk scores in Finance, Manufacturing and Transportation.

To find out if your city is a top performer - explore the Business Information Map at experian.com/ibim.

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