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Are You a B2B Marketing Expert? Take the quiz

September 22, 2014 by Gary Stockton


According to a recent Advertising Age survey, in 2014 over 50 percent of businesses will increase their B2B marketing spend. Furthermore, Juniper Research states marketers who segment their lists and employ quality targeting can improve conversion by up to 355 percent and increase revenues by up to 781 percent. This is a huge untapped opportunity, especially considering only 11 percent of marketers currently segment their lists.

Are you up to the B2B Marketing challenge? Take our B2B Marketing Quiz, share your results on Twitter and challenge your colleagues.

How can Experian help B2B marketers?

  1. Prospect identification and targeting
  2. Customer information enhancement
  3. Profiling and segmentation
  4. Customer retention strategies
  5. Cross-sell / up-sell opportunities

Experian Business Information has the data and insights to help B2B marketers take on today’s sophisticated marketing challenges.

Prospect identification

Experian’s U.S. Business Database(USBD) is the most comprehensive, accurate business file on the market, with 16 million active businesses. Use the USBD to identify new business prospects for your cross-channel marketing campaigns. Learn more

Make the most of your business-to-business email marketing campaigns targeted to new and current customers by tapping the industry’accurate and comprehensive business email database, available from Experian. Learn more

Customer information enhancement

Having old data on customers and limited customer insights can really hold you back. Update your customer information by appending Experian’s firmagraphic and business credit data and gain a better understanding of your business customers. Learn more

Profiling and segmentation

With Experian’s customer profile reports, you will gain a granular view of your best and worst business customers. Through this in-depth analysis, Experian can help you fine-tune your current targeting strategies, identify new prospects with characteristics that match your ideal customers. Learn more

Customer retention strategies

Experian’s marketing analytics experts will leverage your internal customer data, enhance your customer file with Experian’s firmagraphic and business credit elements, to develop predictive propensity models that will help refine your retention and contact strategies and improve customer segmentation. Learn more

Cross-sell/up-sell opportunities

The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%. The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%.

With Experian Entity Linkage Service, we will identify and link the business owners and executives who exist in your consumer accounts for cross-sell/up-sell opportunities . Learn more

So, are you a B2B Marketing Expert?

Take the challenge now or contact your Experian representative to talk about marketing today!

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