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Small Business Delinquency Rates Q4 2014

November 21, 2014 by Gary Stockton



Experian has released an update to the Business Information Map for Q3 2014. The map offers a state and metro level view of business credit conditions in the United States.

The delinquency rate on average for Q3 is 14.5 percent which is slightly up from 13.1 percent in Q2. In San Francisco looking at retail and manufacturing, we can see that Retail had just over 62 percent delinquency and Manufacturing 79 percent. These two industries have pulled San Francisco's overall delinquency rate to 12.71 percent year over year, a sizable increase.

Atlantic City, NJ had elevated delinquency rates of roughly 59.05 percent down slightly from 59.98 in Q2, indicating the east coast hospitality industry is still weathering financial storms from several high profile properties announcing closures.

In the Finance industry, Dayton Ohio has seen its delinquency rate jump from 6 percent to over 58 percent. Delinquency in Dayton was just over 30 percent in Q2.

Looking at small business delinquency year over year we can see a few interesting stories developing. Santa Rosa is the most improved at 4.53 percent, and in Jackson, Mississipi the communications industry saw a large jump in delinquency during Q3.

To find out if your city is a top performer - explore the Business Information Map at experian.com/ibim.

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