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Help small businesses grow by reporting to Experian

October 19, 2016 by Gary Stockton



Reporting business data to Experian is an important and essential part of the credit ecosystem. Data provides a more complete credit history and in turn helps small businesses grow. 

Small businesses who have limited tradelines can sometimes face difficulty qualifying for loans and getting access to capital, so lenders and commercial trade partners who report data to Experian are giving small businesses the credit they deserve.

How to report data to Experian

You can start the process of reporting data to Experian by following a simple 8-step process outlined in this video. Our data acquisition specialists are standing by to help onboard new business data contributors and can answer questions to make it a seamless onboarding experience.

You can also find more information on our data reporting page experian.com/datareportingbusiness.


We have also created a handy Infographic which describes how to contribute both consumer and small business data. 

Reward and protect your borrowers and businesses throughout their financial journey by revealing a more complete credit history.

Get Started Reporting to Experian


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