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How to identify 3rd party fraud in business lending

January 21, 2020 by Gary Stockton

Fraud in SMB lending is on the rise. If you are in the trenches trying to solve the problem for your financial institution, you should definitely attend our upcoming Sip and Solve webinar with Li Mao from our product team.

As the complexity and sophistication of fraudsters continues to evolve, many banks and financial services organizations might be stuck trying to identify and combat 3rd party fraud with outdated processes. In this 15-minute Sip and Solve talk we will share tips on how to identify 3rd party fraud and things you can do today to start modernizing your fraud strategy. 

Some key take-aways you will learn after listening:

  • What types of data you can use to up your fraud identification game
  • How to bring those different data sources together to make confident decisions
  • How to create an intelligence layer to introduce friction in your application process and slow down potential fraudsters

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