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Maximizing receivables as delinquencies rise - Sip and Solve

July 28, 2020 by Gary Stockton
As business delinquencies rise in response to COVID-19, credit departments are becoming increasingly challenged.  In our August 13th Sip and Solve webinar, John Krickus and Andrew Moore will be on hand to share some strategies for maximizing receivables amid rising delinquencies.
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Managing receivables has never been more important or more challenging. Traditional approaches may no longer apply. In this 15-minute Sip and Solve session, we discuss some solutions for effectively and efficiently handling the increase in receivables many companies are facing.
After watching this talk you will learn three key takeaways:
  • Prioritizing receivable management in today's environment
  • Analytic tools for managing receivables
  • Flexing receivables strategies to meet your company's priorities

Presented by:


John Krickus


Andrew Moore

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