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Top 5 Social Media Tools for Startups

January 28, 2016 by Gary Stockton


Social media matters to startups. Being a new company requires a new approach to social that's more engaging and conversational to establish a presence quickly. Here are the top platforms to help you start strong.


Facebook should be the first stop when launching a new company. Forty-two percent of marketers feel Facebook is critical, and that number has grown by 75 percent in the past few years. Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Post regularly—every day if possible.
  • Share content other than your own.
  • Go multimedia by including photos and native videos.


Twitter is a great tool for finding leads. Over 35 percent of marketers have attracted customers through the platform. Here's how to take advantage of it:

  • Use hashtags. On average, tweets with them receive two times the amount of engagement.
  • Respond to users' tweets. They'll feel important and be more likely to become customers.
  • Tweet links! Tweets with links are nearly 90 percent more likely to be retweeted.


More than 70 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram every day, and your startup shouldn't miss out. Here's how to engage on Instagram in a meaningful way:

  • Like Twitter, hashtags matter. Instagram photos with hashtags receive more likes than those without.
  • Add your location for almost an 80 percent boost in engagement.
  • Think about the photos you're posting. They should fit into one of three categories: Beautiful, funny or unique. That will help you stand out from the crowd.


Depending on the context of your startup, Pinterest could be a great outlet. It's made up of mostly women (nearly 75 percent!), and topics such as DIY, recipes and outdoor destinations tend to do especially well.

  • Go vertical. Vertical photos are far more eye-catching on the platform's layout.
  • Ditch the hashtags—but include keywords. Think of Pinterest as a visual Google and make your descriptions SEO friendly.
  • Pin at least five times per day for the largest impact.


Keeping an active feed of content from your social channels is a struggle for many entrepreneurs. Automating that process can really help, and the Buffer app enables you to share useful social posts to a feed which then drip out at optimal times to your followers.  Find something interesting online and share to Buffer,  it will be added to a que of content you have been adding while on the go.  Buffer offers a Chrome extension which makes sharing a breeze, and you can add several social channels to your profile, and choose which platform to share to on the fly. 

  • Free plans allow for up to 10 posts per day
  • Paid plans allow connecting up to 150 social accounts and additional team members

By taking advantage of these social platforms, your startup is sure to build a solid following in no time. Just remember to stay active, stay relevant and always have fun on social media.

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